About Straight Photography

The straight road allows you to go wide astray. So it's time to give the idea of Straight Photography a renaissance. Not to revive it in the traditional sense of the unmanipulated representation of the world; but to reinterpret the idea in a contemporary way appreciating the interactive opportunities of photography. Seeing photography in that way it offers an unique ability to evoke a dynamic relation to the images by which we perceive the world around us.

In my approach, Straight Photography is a realistic representation produced with the intention of offering the observer a field of interpretations as wide as possible. Of course, I use the technical equipment available - but always within the limits of realism. The pictures are produced with a love for the photographic medium and its tentative ability to reach a world, which is incessantly disappearing - because of time or our lack of comprehension. But first of all, the straight approach is chosen in order to evoke a contemplative consideration by the recipient and an urge to be in the world, however dull and repulsive.

The straight approach implies that my pictures are not spectacular, exciting or sensational, but rather toned down, minimalistic and unsophisticated. The pictures have the touch of a tension, a perspective, a movement, a loss, an action, a story, of beauty or ugliness; but I purposely try to be emotional neutral and to avoid the psychological intensity or depth. So the pictures have the touch of something - enough to arouse the attention of the viewer, but not enough to lead it to a determined end. The aim of my Straight Photography is to produce a field where the mind may wander and wonder in peace and gain the energy to alter the focus that usually steers the view - maybe even to stimulate the observer to reconsider her/his existential relationships.