Maj Skibstrup, MA PhD has been a lecturer in Comparative Literature and in Theatre Studies at The Universities of Copenhagen and Southern Denmark 1985 - 2002. Recently she has contributed to the Danish Dictionary of the Theatre (Gyldendal 2007).
Maj Skibstrup is educated at The School of Photography, Copenhagen 2003 - 2004 and at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography 2004 - 2005.

She made her debut at The Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2004.

Maj Skibstrup has carried out assignments for Ministry of Social Welfare and Gender Equality, The National Association of Senior Councils, The Municipality of Høje Taastrup and The Danish Architecture Centre.


The censored exhibition Rønnebæksholm 2009 has accepted the works Come what may and The earth is made of lava. Open from September 27 - October 25, Amtsgården, Amtmandsstien 1, 4700 Næstved.

Posterexhibition. An exhibition of posters in Copenhagen city in cooperation with the network SHOK. Lasting about a month from June 26.

LINDA e.V. Kunst- und Kulturverein Hamburg
presents the exhibition P.T. - Photographic Tendencies November 14 - 23 at Hein-Hoyer-Str. 15 20359 Hamburg St. Pauli. Grouo.exh. See

CPH:DOX. Slideshow called The Finansial Crisis - Strategies for survival shown before Natasja Night, Reformat the Planet and Burma VJ at DOX:CLUB Høkerboderne 18, Den Hvide Kødby. Group exh.

P.T. - Photographic Tendencies. Gallery Henningsen Comtemporary, 2300 Kbh.S. Group exh.

Glossing Nature. Kongens Have. The artificial nature in photography and the park. Group exh.

Melody Town. A sound and photo montage about the area of Sankt Hans gade and Ravnsborggade at Airplay Street Gallery with Christopher Sand-Iversen, Katrine Bartram, Louise Ystrøm, Marie Joensen and Nina Worren. presents at the front page the showreel When am I? Where am I? Group exh.

Invited to invite
. Gallery Henningsen Comtemporary, 2300 Kbh.S. Group exh.

Kaliningrad State Art Gallery. The Cityborderlands exhibition in Kaliningrad, Russia. See

When am I? Where am I? A new, open air music edition of the Metropolis show at Airplay, 2200 Cph.N. See

When am I. Where am I? Metropolis Biennial, 2200 Cph.N. Group exh.

I SMUG. Group booklet.

Bakken. Image series on the frontpage of Minimalportal. Solo.

Cityborderlands. Internordic Exhibition of Art Photography;
Nordic House, Reykjavik.

Newsletter #331 with Camilla Reyman.

Cityborderlands. Internordic Exhibition of Art Photography;
Frederiks Bastion.

The Artists Summer Exhibition. Jutland.

Home Ufoes. Photoinstallation with Kirstine Autzen and Aia Thorup, Gallery PK Photo, Stockholmsgade Cph.

Rum på rum i lange baner. Photoinstallation, Gallery PK Photo, Stockholmsgade Cph. Solo exhibition.

Crop Up. Blågårdsgade, Cph. Group exh.

Hero Anti-hero
. Portrait exhibition. Væksthuset, Frederiksberg. Group exh.
Fatamorgana's summer exhibition. Råhuset, Cph.

Street Art A-huset, Islands Brygge, Cph. Group exh.

Photographer of the month
. Homepage of Goecker - Professional Imaging.

Flyv. Gallery PK-Photo, Stockholmsgade Cph., Solo exhibition.

Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition.
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